PurseBlog Beauty: the 5 products You need to survive Winter’s Coldest Month

August 3, 2023 By nteku 0

though every season is practically the same length in days and months, it’s not hard to argue that while summer always seems to fly, winter season feels like it just কখনোও শেষ হবে না. As we method the end of the first month of the year, we’re coming upon one of the years coldest months: February.

I don’t particularly hate the cold, in fact I would much rather be cold than overheated. I’ve had this argument with many, but I feel like if you’re cold you can always add and extra layer and get warm, but once you’re very hot and start to sweat in some cases there’s just no coming back from that. There’s nothing worse than having to finish up the entire day feeling sticky and being paranoid that all of your makeup has melted off your face!

The one argument that I do understand about the cold winter season months is the drought that it brings upon our bodies. everything from my knuckles and hands to my scalp and face feels extremely dry. I’m very prone to dry skin in colder weather, and it doesn’t help that I continue to run outdoors despite snow and frigid temps. Thus, I’ve tried numerous products over the years to keep my skin hydrated. currently I’ve got the below 5 on rotation to help me combat all of my winter season woes.

First aid charm Ultra repair cream intense Hydration ($34)
I’ve been using FAB’s Ultra repair face moisturizer for a little over a year now and I love it. It’s light but moisturizing, doesn’t clog my pores and at $24 is much much more affordable than any other moisturizer I’ve used before. sadly I discovered that as the temps dropped it wasn’t completely doing its job, so at night I’ve added in this intense hydration formula which is a bit thicker. My skin is extremely hydrated when I wake up but not greasy.

Christophe Robin Purifying Scalp Scrub ($53)
This winter season I’ve discovered something that’s never happened to me before—my scalp has been extremely dry and very flaky. While I’ve always had hair a bit on the dryer side this little nuisance is a new one. though I’m sure numerous of us would rather not talk about this beautiful topic you’ll thank me if you’re a victim of the same struggle. This scrub is simply amazing and you’ll see why it’s an allure best of charm Winner.

Clinique Deep comfort Body Butter ($33)
While admittedly my favorite body lotion is Jergens cocoa butter which I purchase in the extra large size from Target, this winter season my legs have been requiring a little extra TLC. I don’t use this cream everyday because it’s pretty rich, but when I first purchased it I did and I immediately discovered my skin felt much much more hydrated. now I use it every couple of days or so.

Fresh Sugar tinted Lip treatment SPF 15 ($24)
This Fresh lip balm is a cult favorite and I myself am apart of that cult. I’ve been using this on and off because high school and while I’ll in some cases use a tube of Aquaphor if I don’t have this on hand, these sticks are my true go-to. I typically get the rose color, so not only does it hydrate, but it leaves behind a good tone and a pretty sheen.

Wander charm extended stay Hydrating Mask ($38)
While I’ve only tried this mask once after receiving a sample of it, I had to include it on this list. It’s currently sitting in my Nordstrom cart because even with one use I felt a difference. It’s lightweight yet ultra nourishing and it’s enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and fruit extracts.